Looking for a Plumber?Hire a ProfessionalCall an expert and repair problems early

Looking for a Plumber?

Look no further! Call us for all your plumbing needs! We server all of the Valley and most of the LA area!

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Hire a Professional

A lot of people try to take on plumbing emergencies. Sometimes taking matters into your own hands makes things worse and more expensive. In cases like these its best to hire a professional.

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Call an expert and repair problems early

A leaking faucet can lead to excessive moisture which can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

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Looking for a Plumber?
Call us for all your plumbing needs!


Charles Matthau is the founder of Charles Matthau Plumbing. The company was built on integrity, customer service and being on-time with our work. From day one, we’ve only worked with technicians who are both licensed and certified to work in our local area. We’ve been serving you for over 5 years, and we look forward […]


Residential and Commercial Plumbing Repair Services When your plumbing is operating normally, most people don’t give it a second thought. It’s when clogged drains, leaks and backups can cause huge problems. Charles Matthau Plumbing scoffs at Murphy’s Law with emergency services for businesses and individuals. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can quickly assess the problem and […]

Rooter Service

As a full service plumber, Charles Matthau Plumbing offers rooter and drain cleaning services to meet the needs of homes and businesses throughout the area. We guarantee our work for 30 days or we will clean at no charge again. Rooter service requires the right tools. Often many plumbers have just a small machine that is […]


CALL:  (501) 834-3030 Email: charlie@charlesmatthauplumbing.com Address: 6105 Carnegie Dr, North Little Rock, AR 72117